Evil Stevie's
Convention Chaos!

Welcome to Evil Stevie's Convention Chaos, official fansite of the world's coolest chaos machine.

What is this site about?

This site is dedicated to assembling, modifying, and playing with the Chaos Machine, an "Open Source Toy/Machine". The Chaos Machine has appeared at multiple software and science fiction conventions, and at every venue served to distract convention-goers for countless hours.

We have a forum in which you can discuss the machine.

We also have a wiki where you can read plans and documentation about the machine, as well as contribute your own ideas.

In keeping with the idea of "Open Source", most of this site is controlled by you, the reader. Come on in and find out what you can do to shape the site!

What is the Chaos Machine?
The Chaos Machine is a massive collection of pipes, clips, motors and other widgets that can be used to move marbles around a track that you build yourself. It's a bit like Lego, only with marbles racing around.
The main components of the machine are produced in kits from chaostoy.com. The Chaos Machine has between a dozen and two dozen kits worth of parts, costing several thousand dollars. Special thanks from all who have played with the machine are due to Steve Jackson, of Steve Jackson Games, who purchased the kits and assembled the machine over several years' time.
Who is involved?
  • Steve Jackson had the original vision, upon seeing a Chaos Toy, of putting together a bunch of sets and letting people play with the result. He backed up this vision with his own money. If you think the Chaos Machine is pretty cool, you should go to Steve Jackson Games right now and buy something. Something expensive. Maybe two somethings.
  • Howard Tayler is the cartoonist and author of Schlock Mercenary, and is Really Good Friends with Steve. "Really Good Friends" means that if you invite Howard to your convention, there's a good chance that Steve will let Howard bring the machine with him. Howard has stuff for sale at Warehouse 23, too. Go on, make them both happy.
  • Chalain is a loony fanboy of both Steve and Howard, and spent way too much time at Linucon 2004 playing with the machine. The end result of his lunacy is this site, for which Chalain is the webmaster.
  • You! If you were at Penguicon 2.0 (2004), Linucon 2004, L.A.con IV (2006), Penguicon 5.0 (2007), or Chicon (2012) chances are good that you were involved with what the machine is today. If not, then this site is your best resource for finding out where the machine is going to be. You can play with it next at Convolution 2 - 4 November in Burlingame, CA.